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About Key Escape

The Key Escape Room in Verona – is the most technological and the most innovative escape room in this fast-growing industry! Escape games are becoming more and more popular in the last years all over the world and we always try to stay one step ahead. 

Imagine yourself as the protagonist in the atmosphere and in the places of your favorite books or movies. You are trapped in one of our rooms and you should solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand.

The Key Escape is for all people, whether you are a group of friends, family members, or coworkers, everyone will find something they enjoy. Once the door closes, your group will be focused on the singular goal of working together and trying to escape.

We pay attention to detail – The Key Escape Room makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the story. Our rooms have been designed in consultation with experts in the theatre and film industries to ensure they transport you to another world.

Call friends and form a team

Choose date, time and book one of our rooms

The staff will give you instructions and will accompany you in the room

Try to escape in 60 minutes


2-7 players

The biggest mistake of modern society is the waste of time, but not today and not for you. You ended up in the trap of a person who really knows the true value of life, unlike you. Are you ready to sacrifice yourselves for the good of others? You have exactly one hour to survive.

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Currently, we have only one escape room that is translated into English – Saw. If you gonna participate in this experience with any friend who speaks at least a little in Italian, feel free to take a look at our Other Rooms.



Bella esperienza di gioco! Stanze ben costruite e gestione ottimale da parte della regia (sicurezza top e soprattutto aiuto a gestire gli enigmi per fortuna). Ci è piaciuto tantissimo. Bella ambientazione, originali gli enigmi, storia che regge. Consigliatissimo a tutti!!

Escape room bellissima, il divertimento è assicurato. Stanze ed enigmi ben fatti e studiati molto bene. Ci siamo divertiti tantissimo! Grazie alla regia sempre presente! Complimenti ragazzi! Alla prossima!

Stupendo gioco!!! Ci siamo divertiti un sacco!!!!! Consiglio a tutti questa magnifica esperienza!!!!! Aspettiamo le novità per poi venire a trovarti!!!

Bellissima! Regalo di compleanno graditissimo. Da provare! Non fate gli schizzinosi;)

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Via Cantarane 2, Verona

Open Hours: 12.30 – 23.00


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